We, the participants of the 2nd session of the Centrist Democratic International Asia-Pacific Convention, met in Jakarta from January 25 to 27, 2008, guided by the Manila Declaration to reiterate the practical benefits of centrist political parties as venues for dialogue between peoples and for the positive progress of the Asia-Pacific region, and in particular for its democratization and economic growth. At the same time, we are worried about the challenges posed by radical terrorism, extreme poverty, the deterioration of the environment and international crimes such as trafficking in drugs and people.

In light of the many challenges, we firmly believe that a centrist approach to these problems and based on the following principles provides the best framework for addressing these issues:

1. We believe in a humanist approach to development. We are striving to create conditions in which people can develop fully and reach their maximum potential.

2. We believe that stability, liberty and responsibility are necessary for development.

3. We believe we must bridge the gap between rich and poor and strengthen the Asian middle class.

4. We believe in unity in diversity. We can achieve this by promoting peace and mitigating the culture of violence.

5. We believe in strong central governments but we also want to transfer power to regional governments when applicable.

6. We believe in protecting the family by upholding strong family values and faith in one living God. We also believe that religion has a positive influence on society by endowing governments with a sense of morality.

7. We encourage dialogue between religions to avoid clashes between religions and cultures.

8. We believe that terrorist acts undertaken to promote a political agenda must never be tolerated.

9. We believe that economic indicators should not be the sole measures of prosperity. Other aspects must be included, such as culture, social values and spirituality.

10. We must encourage cooperation and the exchange of practices in the fight against the culture of corruption.

11. We believe that our citizens must be assured the security that guarantees the promotion and protection of human rights and that provides for their basic needs.

12. We believe in the concept of sustainable development sustained by three pillars: economic development, social development and environmental protection.

13. We believe in a caring and brave society. We will act in solidarity in response to natural and man-made disasters in the region.

14. We believe that migration is a positive consequence of globalization that benefits both origin and host countries.

15. We believe that the development of young people inspired by centrist values is important and, as such, must not be allowed to fall under the influence of extremist forces. We therefore encourage interaction among the youth wings of our centrist political parties.

16. Not only will we promote cooperation among centrist parties in the Asia Pacific region, but also interaction among centrist parties in other parts of the world.

17. We believe that our main goal ought to be our people’s happiness. As centrists, we seek common ground between socialism and capitalism in pursuit of that goal and are always open to new ideas that benefit our citizens.

Signed in Jakarta, Indonesia, on January 26, 2008.