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The passing away of Soumailia Cissé (Mali) a great loss for peace in the Sahel Region

The IDC-CDI mourns the passing away of Soumailia Cissé, President of our member party Union for the Republic and Democracy (URD). Soumaila committed his life for his country and Africa, as former minister of economy and finance and as candidate for President of Mali on several occasions. He was President of the Economic and Monetary […]

We welcome the news of the liberation of Mr. CISSE, President of our sister party UDR in Mali [FR]

L’Internationale des démocrates Du Centre, (IDC-CDI) que préside M. Andres Pastrana, Ancien Chef de l’Etat colombien, se félicite de la libération de M Soumaïla CISSE, Président de l’Union pour la République et la Démocratie (UDR), Député de Niafunke. Ancien candidat aux élections présidentielles au Mali,M Soumaïla CISSE est une personnalité politique nationale, membre de l’IDC-CDI. […]

Letter of support to Mr. Alassane Ouattara for the elections in Ivory Coast on October, 31st 2020. (ES)

L’IDC-IDC (International Démocrate Centriste), soutien avec satisfaction que Monsieur Alassane OUATTARA Président du RHDP (Rassemblement des Houphouetistes pour la Démocratie et la Paix) a été investi comme candidat à l’élection présidentielle ; Considérant que le Président Alassane OUATTARA a été élu en 2010 puis réélu en 2015, comme Président de la République, fait l’unanimité tant […]

Joint Statement on the Situation in Belarus: Respect the vote of the people, stop police violence and guarantee freedom of speech and assembly

The International Democrat Union IDU, the Centrist Democrat International IDC-CDI, the European People’s Party EPP and the European Conservatives and Reformists Party ECR are very concerned about latest developments in Belarus and the conduct of the August 9th, 2020 presidential election, which was not free and fair. The world has witnessed a bold electoral fraud […]

A lost war in Colombia?  Article of Mr. Andrés Pastrana, President of CDI [ES]

Un grupo de expresidentes latinoamericanos se ha puesto en la tarea de analizar el tema del narcotráfico, este terrible flagelo que azota sin piedad y sin término a nuestros pueblos. Y han llegado a una conclusión desesperanzadora y sin horizontes: la guerra contra el narcotráfico «es una guerra perdida». La consecuencia de esta conclusión parece […]

Statement by Indonesia’s National Awakening Party

in response to remarks by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey regarding the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque JAKARTA, Indonesia: On 21 July 2020, Indonesia’s largest Islamic political party issued an appeal to Muslims and people of good will of every faith and nation, to prevent the weaponization of religion for political purposes. […]

The future of democracy in a post-covid world

  We are happy to announce that our president, Andrés Pastrana Arango will be moderating a webinar with Pablo Casado, president of Partido Popular and Luis Almagro, Secretary General of OAS on “The future of democracy in a post-covid world”. Join us this Monday at 16:30 (CET) on Zoom at We will also be live on Facebook.


CDI observes with great concern that,  despite the fact that Venice Commission has underscored that the proposal for constitutional amendments in Armenia is not in line with its recommendations, the ruling majority of the Armenian Parliament has pushed it forward in an unprecedented expedite manner. Such approach puts under serious question the legitimacy of these […]

Armenia: Health or democracy crisis? [EN]

The new coronavirus is an important test for democracies in all over the world. The pandemic has revealed the truth about the Armenian government as well. As of May 22, Armenia has reported 5928 infected cases of coronavirus and 74 deaths. According to the Worldometer website, Armenia is the record holder in the region in […]

IDC-CDI ask for a global and solidary answer to the COVID19 pandemic

Brussels, May 20, 2020. The Executive Committee of the Central Democratic International (IDC-CDI) has today called for a joint, determined and solidary solution to face the current health emergency as well as the unprecedented economic and social crisis caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus. During the Executive Committee held by videoconference, with representatives from […]

Declaration for Nicaragua (ES)

The IDC-CDI echoes the violent institutional campaign that violates the constitutional rights of the Nicaraguan citizens. We support for the recent sanctions of the EU, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom to 6 high officials. We call, once again, that the constitutional rights must be returned to Nicaraguans, reiterating their urgency regarding the situation that […]

Statement by IDC-CDI on COVID-19

Statement by IDC-CDI “Global Partnership and Solidarity Against Covid-19” We, the Members of the Centrist Democrats International (IDC-CDI), have followed closely the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) and express deep condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives to this pandemic. We express our deep sympathy to those infected by […]

The EU needs to appreciate Cambodia’s role and voice

Suos Yara / Share: Publicado hoy en el Diario Oficial (periódico) de Phnom Penh Over the last two decades, the partnership between Cambodia and the European Union (EU) has been a good force for Cambodia’s development and integration to the international community based on the principle of equal partnership with the focus on robust trade […]

Communication from Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI) on the event currently taking place in Venezuela

Communication from Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI) on the event currently taking place in Venezuela CENTRIST DEMOCRAT INTERNATIONAL, in view of the events transpiring in Venezuela, and honouring its duty, as set forth in its bylaws, to defend freedom, democracy and human rights around the world, hereby expresses its absolute support for representative JUAN GUAIDÓ, who, […]

Act of Political Alliance

On December 10 our Union Centriste du Senegal party, UCS, presided over by Abdoulaye Balde, organised a reception at the Palace of the Republic to announce, together with the President of the Republic, Macky Sall, the alliance between the UCS and APR parties with a view to the presidential elections slated for February 24. This […]

Statement on Cambodia

After having experienced the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge’s genocide, Cambodia was able to establish the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) to hold the leaders of the abovementioned regime accountable, create reparation programs for victims …

Next Executive Committe in Cape Verde

Next November 26th, we will celebrate our last Executive Committee this year on the island of Sal, Cape Verde, as well as the General Assembly, where we will have a very important number of political leaders from our member parties, from practically the five continents. . We will also hold a international conference on terrorism, with the […]

The IDC-CDI regrets the death of Jose Luis Fontalba

Dear colleagues, I t is with deep regret and profound sadness that I have to announce the passing of our friend and colleague of the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, and an active member of the staff of IDC-CDI, José Luis Fontalba. He was both an outstanding person and professional. José Luis will be […]

The IDC-CDI regrets the death of Edgardo Angara

Dear Mrs. Manalang and son, It is with profound sadness that we learned about the painful loss of your husband and father. On behalf of the Presidency of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI-IDC) and on our own name, we wish to express our most sincere sorrow to you, your son Juan Edgardo and all your […]

The IDC-CDI regrets the death of Afonso Dhlakama

Afonso Dhlakama was vice-president of the IDC-CDI for many years, representing not only his party at the international level, but also Mozambique and Africa. He was a person of great virtue, simple and friendly, of whom we harbour unforgettable memories. He was a great friend. He was a leader whose sights were always set on […]

Resolution on Nicaragua

Resolution expressing concern and international solidarity with the protests by Nicaraguan civic society and condemning the use of disproportionate police and military violence against ongoing demonstrations and indscriminate cases of death, disappearance and detention The Centrist Democrat International (IDC-CDI), well aware of the Nicaraguan people’s despair about the continuous breaches by the government of Nicaragua […]

Statement of IDC-CDI and IDU on the situation in Cuba

“The Voice of Freedom and Democracy in Cuba will not be silenced” – IDU and IDC-CDI strongly condemn the denial of access to Cuba for former Presidents of Colombia Andrés Pastrana and of Bolivia Jorge Quiroga On Wednesday the former Presidents of Colombia and Bolivia, Andres Pastrana and Jorge Quiroga were detained at Havana airport […]

Draft emergency resolution tabled by the EPP Presidency to the EPP Political Assembly

Copenhagen, 4-5 september 2017 As the political, economic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela continues to worsen, the European People’s Party strongly declares its support for the country’s democratic institutions, its solidarity with the suffering Venezuelan people and their democratically elected representatives and its 8 insistence on a return to constitutional order and governance. The recently […]

Statement of the recent attack against the Alkhanli village in Azerbaijan

The Centrist Democrat International (CDI) wants to express its sadness over the death of two Azerbaijani civilians on an attack taken last 04.07.2017 against the Alkhanli village in the Fuzuli province of Azerbaijan. In line with the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs and the U.S. State Department, we condemn the ceasefire breach agreed between Armenia and […]

The IDC-CDI vigorously condemns the attacks carried out yesterday by mobs of fanatical followers of the government of Nicolás Maduro against the Legislative National Assembly

The IDC-CDI vigorously condemns the attacks carried out yesterday by mobs of fanatical followers of the government of Nicolás Maduro against the Legislative National Assembly, the last bastion and symbol of Venezuelan Democracy, which is ailing in the face of violence assaults unleashed against it by the dictatorship’s henchmen. As a voice for democratic parties […]

Resolution on Cuba

Proposed by the Cuban PDC – The Centrist Democrat International (IDC-CDI) inspired by democratic principles and values and permanently committed to the promotion and defense of human rights in the entire world: – Considering: That in recent times, violent repression against human rights activists and peaceful oppositionists in Cuba has been increasing, as documented by […]

Statement of the IDC-CDI on the Commune Council election in Cambodia

Following the invitation of the National Election Committee a delegation of the Centrist Democrat International (IDC-CDI) led by H.E. Mr. Andrés Pastrana, IDC-CDI President and Former President of Colombia, ten delegates from Columbia, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Italy, Brazil, and Cyprus came to Cambodia to observe the 2017 commune council election day and learn about the […]

CDI-IDC denounces the detention of Roberto Enriquez, National President of the Copei Party and demands his immediate release

Responding to the detention of the National President of COPEI, Roberto Enriquez, by the Chavist régime of Nicolas Maduro, the President of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI-IDC) and former President of Colombia, Andrés Pastrana has made the following declaration: “We denounce the detention of the President of our Venezuelan brother party COPEI, Roberto Enriquez, who […]

Published in “El Mundo”: The International Center, against “The Coup” of the “Narcodictatura” of Nicolas Maduro

The PP and its international partners describe as “very serious” the decision of the Venezuelan Supreme Court Chavismo’s “coup d’etat”: the Supreme Court seizes its powers to the National AssemblyThe Central Democrat International (IDC) has issued a resolution against the “coup d’etat in Venezuela” and describes the regime of Nicolás Maduro as “a narcissist that […]

Resolution on the county of state in Venezuela

Due to the extremely grave situation. We, the political member parties of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI-IDC) hereby express our grave concern, before the entire international community, about the recent decision, by the Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela, which under the control of the government of Nicolas Maduro, has, for all practical purposes, declared […]

Terrorist attack in London

The IDC-CDI condemns the terrorist attack carried out yesterday in London, killing 4 and injuring more, 7 seriously. The IDC-CDI would also like to announce its solidarity with the victims of this attack and the British people.

The IDC-CDI condemns acts violating human rights in Cuba

In response to Cuban authorities’ decision to impede an event recognising leading figures who have fought for democracy and human rights in Latin America, the IDC/CDI hereby declares: 1. Its solidarity with the Latin American Youth Network for Democracy and its president, Rosa María Payá, daughter of the democratic activist Oswaldo Payá, in response to […]

The IDC-CDI mourns the passing of former president Ricardo Arias Calderón

The IDC-CDI family expresses sorrow upon the passing of former President Ricardo Arias Calderón and offers sincere condolences to all his family. “This is a big loss for the whole Christian Democratic family of America. President Calderón was a fully committed politician, who shared his ideas with Panama´s citizens and who was a tireless fighter […]

IDC-CDI calls for the immediate release of Eduardo Cardet, prisoner of conscience in Cuba

Eduardo Cardet, national coordinator for the dissident Christian Liberation Movement is being held captive in Cuba since 30 November 2016. Eduardo Cardet is a prisoner of conscience. “No man or woman should be put in jail for his or her ideas and political beliefs” said the President of the Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI) and Former […]

Meetings of Mr Andres Pastrana in Brussels

During the stay of IDC-CDI President Andres Pastrana in Brussels last week, he held a working meeting with the newly appointed President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani and Antonio López – Isturiz, IDC-CDI General Secretary and General Secretary of the European People’s Party.

Meeting of Andrés Pastrana and Joseph Daul

On the 26th of January, Andrés Pastrana, President of the IDC-CDI and former President of Colombia, held a large meeting at the headquarters of the European People’s Party with its President, Joseph Daul, addressing current international political issues as well as the situation facing Colombia after the referendum.

The IDC-CDI condemns the attack carried out on 19th December in Berlin

The IDC-CDI, condemns the attack carried out on 19th December, during what is an important time of year for all of us, at a Christmas market in Berlin, against innocent citizens, leaving a significant number of victims dead, and others with a whole range of injuries. All the members of our organization share the pain […]

Our friend Peter Hintze, former vice-president of the CDI, has passes away

HINTZE, Peter Evangelical theologian Ad hoc Parliamentary Secretary of State Vice-president of the German Parliament Mailing address: Platz der Republik 1 11011 Berlin and Lindestraβe 6-8 42275 Wuppertal North Rhine-Westphalia Regional list CDU Born April 25, 1950 in Bad Honnef; evangelist, married, with a son. Education: Study of evangelical theory. Parish priest from 1980 […]

Main center-right parties denounce the situation in Venezuela and demand a democratic transition

Brussels. 28-10-2016. The Centrist Democrat International (IDC-CDI) and the International Democrat Union (IDU) have denounced today in a joint statement, the situation of political, social and economic crisis facing Venezuela demanding that the country´s government guarantee the freedom of the citizens, respect for the rule of law and freedom for all political prisoners. The declaration, entitled […]

Cape Verde

In Cape Verde our member party, Movement for Democracy, MPD, has scored another big victory in the last municipal elections, held at the beginning of September, winning in 19 out of 22 municipalities. This victory followed that obtained in the legislative elections held last March, in which it secured a commanding absolute majority, allowing it […]


La IDC-CDI, Internacional Demócrata de Centro, así como el conjunto de la comunidad internacional, esta legítimamente conmovida por los disturbios y enfrentamientos que han tenido lugar en Libreville y en Port Gentil, después de la publicación de los resultados de las elecciones presidenciales. La victoria del Presidente, Ali Bongo, con un 49,80% de los votos. […]

Press release unita

The Leadership of UNITA rejects, in the strongest possible terms, the statements of Mr. Rui Fernandes, a member of the Portuguese Communist Party’s Political Commission, made in reference to UNITA, while addressing the MPLA’s VII Congress held in Luanda. UNITA reminds the national and international public, that the Portuguese Communist Party was the main architect […]

The Centrist Democratic International condemns the political situation in Nicaragua and Venezuela

Brussels, 8 August 2016. The Centrist Democratic International (IDC-CDI), chaired by former President of Colombia Andrés Pastrana, has today condemned the political situations and lack of civil and democratic freedoms in Nicaragua and Venezuela. In its Resolution, the IDC-CDI warns of “new kinds of authoritarianism” exerted by some leaders who, acting on a mandate of “initial […]

The democratic charter, the OAS and Venezuela

“The OAS must demonstrate today whether its Democratic Charter is a strong instrument, to defend the principles of democracy, or whether it is just something on file in the organization’s archives. It is all up to you.” Thus began OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro his presentation on Venezuela last Thursday before the Permanent Council. He […]

Acción National got a historic success in mexican elections

Last June the 5th, local elections were held in Mexico, in which Acción Nacional (PAN) got a historic triumph due the win in seven out of twelve state governments and important cities.  In its history, the political party just had won three governments in a race, but on Sunday broke its own record and will […]

Rise of populism and terrorism addressed at the CDI meeting in Lisbon

Lisbon, 15 of April 2016. The Centrist Democrat International (CDI) held today its executive committee in Lisbon. The meeting was chaired by the former President of Colombia Andrés Pastrana and the CDI Secretary General Antonio López-Istúriz. The discussions focused on the challenges the world is currently facing. “Now more than ever, the CDI is an […]

Terrorist attack in Belgium

Once more we witness the senseless violence perpetrated by Daesh’s Islamic terrorists and killers, who unleashed a tragedy in Brussels, the EU capital, on 22 March. These attacks are directed at all Europe’s citizens, our values, and democracy. All the IDC-CDI’s member parties share the pain of the families and victims, and wish to transmit […]

Ulisses Correia win the elections in Cape Verde

On Sunday the 20th legislative elections were held in Cape Verde. Our party, MpD, Movimiento para la Democracia, won an absolute majority, with 39 seats in a 72-member Parliament. It was an unprecedented victory, with victories in every district but one. Party President Ulisses Correia, currently the mayor of the capital, Praia, and the President […]

Support and solidarity with the french people – IDC

PRESS COMUNIQUE The Centrist Democrat International (CDI-IDC) strongly condemns the recent attacks perpetrated in Paris on Friday, 13 November 2015, in which 132 innocent citizens were assassinated in cold blood by several terrorist bands linked to the Islamic State. We are all Paris! We express our solidarity and our support to the victims of this […]

Energetic condemns te attack in the city of Beirut

PRESS RELEASE In the wake of the suicide attacks perpetrated  on 12 November 2015 in Beirut, in which 41 innocent citizens lost their lives, the Centrist Democrat International (CDI-IDC) strongly condemns this vile action undertaken by Daesh. We express our solidarity with the victims and their families and hope for the speedy recovery of the […]

Solidarity with the Cuban dissidents prevented form participating in the Papal visit

The Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA) expresses its solidarity with Cuba’s dissidents, members of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL), who were prevented by the Cuban government from freely participating in the religious activities scheduled as part of Pope Francis’s visit to Cuba. The ODCA regrets the Cuban regime’s employment of a range of repressive […]

Visit of representatives and party members from Latin America to the European Parliament

17 June 2015 “During his visit to Brussels, Belgium seat of the European Parliament Deputy Jose Ramos, Secretary General of the Popular Party of Panama with Wilfredo Cerrato Deputies of the National Party of Honduras and Mario Venegas of the Christian Democratic Party of Chile participated in a meeting with Antonio Lopez-Istúriz, Secretary General of […]

The FAES Foundation, along with the CES Foundation of the European Popular Party and the IDC, held a conference on North Africa and the Arab Nations from 10-15 December in Madrid

The FAES Foundation, along with the CES Foundation of the European Popular Party and the IDC, held a conference on North Africa and the Arab Nations from 10-15 December in Madrid. In attendance were political parties from Mauritania, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon and Kurdistan, as well as representatives of the National Democratic Institute in Washington, along […]

A letter from Kurdistan: Out fight against terror

Kurdistan is currently fighting a terrorist-state that holds a crop of highly-trained militants, with enhances and sophisticated weapons that were obtained when they seized control of the Iraqi city of Mosul. During their occupation, ISIL fighters unearthed modern American artillery that was initially purchased by the Iraqi government to defend the city, but, unfortunately, the […]

Conference on party policy development

From 2-6 March in Pretoria, South Africa, the NDI (National Democratic Institute) held a conference on Party Policy Development, with the region’s main political parties participating. The CDI’s General Coordinator, Alberto Ruiz Thiery, was on hand at the conference to present the document “Ideology in African Political Parties.” An interesting discussion followed between attendees, who […]

Elections in Mozambique

In November and December some 50 municipalities held local and mayoral elections in Mozambique. Our member party, the MDM (Democratic Movement of Mozambique), emerged the moral victor in these elections, for which we congratulate its Chairman, Daviz Simango and the entire party on the results attained. The MDM was victorious in three of the country’s […]

Democracy in Africa today

11 October 2014 Between 2011 and 2012 more than 50 presidential, parliamentary and local elections were held in Africa. Although this could be seen as an indication of the advent of democracy on the African continent, factors such as its meager socioeconomic development, weak institutional capacity, election-associated violence, electoral fraud and military influence on policy […]

The IDC condemns the recent arrest of Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas

The arrest coincides with the anniversary of the death of Orlando Zapata and the Brussels visit of Cuban Foreign Minister the IDC condemns the recent arrest of Cuban dissident Guillermo Farinas. The Executive Secretary of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), Antonio López-Istúriz, today condemned the recent arrest of Cuban dissident and human rights Sakharov Prize […]

ODCA and Evangelical Christians hold a Forum on Political Participation

PAN Senator Jorge Ocejo stressed that for Christians political action is a duty, and that a democracy is sustained by religious freedom and pluralism. The President of the Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA), Senator Jorge Ocejo, when inaugurating the Political Participation by Christian and Reformed Democracy Symposium, stated that “democracy is sustained by citizens […]

Ireland: The IDC welcomes the Fine Gael on his historic victory

Ireland: The IDC welcomes the Fine Gael on his historic victory, which opens a new stage to overcome the economic crisis Brussels, February 27 The Executive Secretary of the Centrist Democrat International (CDI), Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, today congratulated the member party Fine Gael (FG), and its leader, Enda Kenny, for his “historic victory” in the general […]

The executive secretary of the IDC, Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, meets with president of the Dominican Republic

The Executive Secretary of the IDC, Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, meets with President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernández Holy Sunday, February 23 The Executive Secretary of the Democratic International (CDI), Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, met with the President of the Dominican Republic, Leonel Fernandez. During the meeting discussed the political situation and its relations with the European Union […]

The Centrist Democrat International (CDI) expresses its sorror for the passing away of mr. Hilarión Cardozo Esteva

The Centrist Democrat International (CDI) expresses its sorrow for the passing away of Mr. HILARIÓN CARDOZO ESTEVA (1927 – 2012), former president of Venezuela’s COPEI party and prominent public man of his country. The CDI wishes to highlight that Mr. HILARIÓN CARDOZO, besides serving his country in important public responsibilities, assumed also an international responsibility […]