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Armenia: Carta abierta de errores y politización del COVID-19 (EN)

The new coronavirus outbreak has paralyzed societies and economies. Necessary lockdown measures are permissible for the short term, but in some cases, they threaten to negatively impact on multiple dimensions of democracy. The coronavirus crisis vividly represents the failure of populist forces in the face of actual threats. The pandemic is a real test to […]

Alemania: La respuesta del Gobierno Federal (EN,DE)

Information on the response of the German federal government and CDU The corona pandemic has a firm grip on the world. Italy is particularly affected in Europe, but there are now more than a hundred thousand cases in Germany – and the trend is still increasing. The President of the Robert Koch Institute, Prof. Dr. Lothar Wieler assumes […]

Marruecos: Articulo de opinion sobre cómo comunicar en tiempos del COVID-19 (FR)

Rahhal EL Makkaoui La crise pandémique engendre d’autres économiques, sociale et politique dont chacune nécessite une réponse différente. Elément clé, la communication doit être spécifique et crédible. Rahhal El Makkaoui, membre du Comité Exécutif du parti de l’IstiqlalRahhal El Makkaoui, membre du Comité Exécutif du parti de l’IstiqlalEn ce début d’année 2020, la terre entière […]

Antonio López-Istúriz: mensaje del secretario general de la IDC-CDI

Dear Friends of the EPP Party, The COVID-19 crisis is testing the resilience of our societies, citizens and democratic systems. Times like these require responsibility, dedication and leadership. And the European People’s Party is once again ready to rise to the occasion. In these challenging times, we remain fully committed to supporting our political family […]