Executive Committee in Brussels

Brussels · March 19, 2014

The session was very intense and dealt with issues of international importance, such as the status of Crimea and Ukraine, the situation in Venezuela, Cuba and Syria, as well as other areas generating dangerous situations in the world.

Two new vice-presidents were welcomed; Joseph Daul, President of the European People’s party, who was congratulated on his appointment, as well as for the Congress held last week in Dublin; and Ulisses Correia, from Cape Verde, president of our MPD party and the IDC Africa regional group.

On the agenda, with reference to the admission of new parties, the currently governing Democratic Party of Gabon, the PDG, was unanimously admitted.
A series of Resolutions were passed in response to proposals from different member parties, which have been published on our website.

There were several proposals from various parties to hold the next Leaders Meeting, to be held at the end of the year. The date should be decided in the next few months.

With reference to Venezuela, in order to support democratic parties, as well as all citizens suffering unacceptable political situations involving abuse and authoritarianism, a decision was made to organize a Conference to express our intention to permanently cooperate with and support those advocating a return to democratic legality in Venezuela, despite the personal risks that this entails.